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Lead management software

Business Goals

As a software development company, we were approached by a client from the USA in the healthcare industry with a unique requirement. They needed a software solution to assist chiropractors in efficiently managing their leads from various channels such as CallRail and RingCentral. The primary objective of this software was to offer chiropractic clinics a comprehensive view of new missed patient leads, ensuring that no potential clients slipped through the cracks. Additionally, the software would enable chiropractors to track the progress and status of each lead, empowering them to prioritize and follow up accordingly.


Our team rose to the challenge and developed a powerful software tool that seamlessly integrates with different communication channels, providing chiropractors with a centralized platform to monitor and manage their leads effectively. By streamlining lead management processes, our software helps chiropractors maximize their chances of converting potential patients into satisfied clients, ultimately driving growth and success for their clinics. This project stands as a testament to our expertise in software development, highlighting our ability to create tailored solutions that address unique challenges in the healthcare industry.

Product Description

Project Highlights

  • Integration with various tools like CallRail and RingCentral
  • Real-time data update on the portal
  • Direct calling feature from the platform using CallRail.
  • Direct messaging feature from the platform using RingCentral
  • Reports and dashboard with highlighted relevant information
  • Access to call recording audio and transcription
  • Mobile optimized designs


The project consisted of two main components: the Super Admin Portal and the Clinic Portal. The Super Admin Portal served as an entry point for the portal administrator to register clinics intending to use the platform. With complete control over the portal, the Super Admin had the flexibility to show or hide specific elements as needed. The portal also featured a user management system, allowing the Super Admin to create different users with varying levels of access control. The User Management functionality within the Super Admin Portal provided full control over user accounts. Administrators could easily manage user permissions, granting or restricting access as required. Another crucial aspect of the software was the ability to set up new clinics. The Super Admin could register or unregister clinics and manage all relevant information, including integration details for tools like CallRail and RingCentral. This ensured seamless connectivity between the clinics and the software, facilitating efficient lead management. Another component Clinic Portal, each clinic was provided with multiple admin users upon onboarding to the platform. These users gained access to the portal, allowing them to effectively manage their leads. One of the key features of this portal was its automatic integration with the clinic's communication channels. Whenever a lead called or booked an appointment using the calendar system, the portal captured the information in real-time through webhooks, ensuring that all leads were promptly recorded and visible within the portal. By providing a centralized platform for clinics to register, manage users, and effortlessly track leads, we enhanced efficiency and effectiveness in the healthcare industry.

Applied Technologies

  • HTML, CSS3, Jquery, Javascript
  • UI/UX design
  • Python/Django
  • SQL
  • AWS Cloud

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