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IOT based nurse calling software

Business Goals

The nursing care hospital/old age center in Germany caters to elderly patients who require attentive care due to their age and health conditions. Now, hospitals want to automate the communication system in each patient room to quickly assist patients who need help during an emergency, hence minimizing delays and ensuring swift action. If a nurse fails to respond promptly, an automatic escalation process through SMS and phone notifications should be initiated by software The management team should have access to a range of reports that provide insights and information regarding specific issues and decisions.


To monitor and capture various parameters within each room, the hospital has implemented a network of sensors and IoT-enabled buttons. Software should be perfectly integrated with each sensor and calling system. Software should be 100% accurate as it deals with emergencies.

Product Description


  • Show a different dashboard in each wing on each floor.
  • Each Tile on the dashboard represents a room to show various details provided by sensors.

Integration With DECT Telephone System

  • Phone Assignment to Rooms
  • Emergency Signal Configuration
  • Ringing Signal Activation
  • Message Delivery
  • Telephones ring, with a different ringing tone and at a different volume

Reporting System

Various management reports were developed that provide insights and information regarding specific issues and decisions.

Building And Room Identification

  • Assign unique identifiers or codes to each building and room in the hospital. This can be based on the floor number, building name, or a combination of both.
  • Create a comprehensive database or data structure to store the information related to each building and room.

Sensor Mapping

  • Identify the sensors installed in each room and determine the specific parameters they measure, such as temperature, fire alarms, window status, and alarm buttons.
  • UI/UX design Associate each sensor with its corresponding room by linking the sensor data to the unique identifier or code assigned to that room.

Software Configuration

  • Develop or utilize software that allows for building and room configuration.
  • Provide a user interface or administrative panel where the hospital staff can input and manage the information related to each building and room.
  • Python/Django
  • Create a mapping feature within the software that allows the staff to associate sensors with the appropriate rooms based on their unique identifiers or codes.
  • Ensure that the software can handle real-time data collection from the sensors and accurately map it to the respective rooms.

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