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About Hannovit Technologies

Hannovit Technologies started in the year 2018 with a team of 15 people. We got our first project for the healthcare industry from Germany. Since then we have worked on many big projects across Industries like Education, Healthcare, Travel, Ecommerce, and Media. We have developed enterprise-level solutions for many clients from countries like the USA, Germany Canada, Poland, and India. We are also doing Search Engine optimization for many clients in the USA, hence helping them acquire new customers every month. We have offices in the USA, Germany, India, and Poland. As an ambitious IT company, our goal is to make significant changes in the digital world. We plan to do this by being creative and using the latest technology.

How We Work

We start by listening to clients' issues, requirements, challenges and objectives. Then we do market analysis, understand the business of the client and their existing processes and solution. After analyzing the solution technically, we provide client with mockup User Experience Screens. In this way client will have the very good understanding of their product before it is developed in real. We also provide detail of technology, timeline and cost. After we start the development process, our team of tester do thorough testing of project from the beginning. We also deploy the project on cloud from week one so that client can view the live progress of project, hence avoiding any delay or misunderstanding in requirement on later stage.

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Team Members

Our management team comprises seasoned professionals, each with extensive expertise in the software industry. Together, we have worked in various fields like healthcare, e-commerce, education, and travel.


Abhishek Jain

Managing Director


Gaurav Garg

Founding Director


Alok Gupta

Director Of Technology

Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

Our company excels in various advanced technologies, which gives us a strong presence in the digital world. From web and mobile applications to enterprise-level software, our talented team of developers uses the latest programming languages and frameworks to craft seamless, intuitive, and scalable solutions.

  • Responsive Web application: We develop web applications with responsive designs. They can be accessed on a variety of devices, including laptops, mobile phones, and tablets, without compromising the user experience.
  • Cross-Platform Mobile App Development: These types of mobile applications have single code for multiple platforms, like Android and IOS. Hence, we save a lot of development time and cost. Our team has got expertise in the development of these mobile apps.
  • Customized Web Solutions: Our team excels in building web solutions as per the specific requirement of our clients. We have developed several such enterprise-level applications where hundreds of users are using solutions without any issues. These solutions are scalable and flexible to meet the future requirement of clients.
  • Cloud Solution Design and Migration: With expertise in cloud technologies, we offer comprehensive cloud solution services , including designing cloud architectures, seamless onboarding, and efficient migration strategies. We guide you in leveraging the full potential of cloud platforms for enhanced performance, scalability, and cost-efficiency.
  • Native Mobile App Development: We specialize in crafting high-quality Android and iOS mobile applications that offer seamless performance and exceptional user experiences.
  • Search Engine Optimization : We help companies get more leads by helping them increase their organic search as well as Google My Business (GMB) ranking on Google.