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Learnweb E-Learning Platform

Business Goals

Our client in the USA teaches offline/online courses, across various domains to students. He also wants to start another income stream where he has his portal. Students will come and register themselves. Few courses are free and certain courses are paid. For Paid courses, students will have to buy a subscription plan. The product consists of two key components - the 'Admin Portal' and the 'Students Login.' The Admin Portal serves as the central control system, enabling administrators to upload different types of courses, such as PDFs, YouTube videos, and custom video content. Administrators can organize courses into multiple chapters, creating comprehensive and structured learning paths. Additionally, they can specify whether a course is free or requires a paid subscription plan for enrollment.


The client wants various types of formats to be uploaded. PDF and video courses. He also wants to show courses from youtube as well as wants to keep certain courses private ie keep them on their server. We have to make sure the speed of the video should be fast while uploading and downloading, or else it will ruin the experience of learning.

Product Description

The product consists of two components - 'Admin Portal' and 'Students Login'.

  • The Admin Portal allows administrators to upload different types of courses, such as PDFs, YouTube videos, or uploaded videos.
  • Administrators can upload multiple chapters of a certain course.
  • Administrators can define whether a course is paid or free within the Admin Portal.
  • The User Management functionality within the Admin Portal enables administrators to manage user accounts effectively.
  • Administrators can easily handle user permissions, granting or restricting access as required.
  • Students can enroll themself for free or paid courses.
  • They can search and select any course by name, category, or by course name itself.
  • If they stop, in between a course, the course will resume from the same point where they stopped.

Applied Technologies

  • HTML, CSS3, Jquery, Javascript
  • MySQL Database
  • Python/Django
  • SQL
  • AWS Cloud

Project Highlights

  • Integration with various tools like Adobe Embed API
  • Used FFmpeg library to convert the video and upload it on aws bucket
  • Stripe Payment gateway for paid courses
  • Video Player Integration for video courses
  • Mobile optimized design

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