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City Marketplace in Germany

Business Goals

The small city council aims to promote the local market and protect it from giant online e-commerce sites. To achieve this, they plan to develop a portal that allows local shops to establish an online presence for their products. Shopkeepers, restaurants, and other service providers such as plumbers, beauty parlors, lawyers, and chartered accountants will have the opportunity to register their businesses and sell their offerings through this portal. Additionally, store and office spaces can also be registered by any other service provider. The city council should be able to register public places and people should be able to view details of upcoming events on this portal.


The client was unsure about their specific requirements and provided us with a brief description: they needed a portal for a city. However, they had a fixed release date in mind. Additionally, they were uncertain about the categories of products, which posed a challenge for us in creating software that could accommodate any category of product, service, or event for upload and sale.

Product Description

Super Admin Portal

  • This is an entry point to register shop owners, shops, restaurants, services, events, city info, and products. Super admin has all the right to show/hide anything on this portal. Portal has a user management system also where they can create different users with different rights. User Management - Control everything about users.
  • Setup new Entity - Register/unregister shops, restaurants service, city info, events, and even add products for shops also. Can control all the information related to shops. Could also control the right of the shop whether it can upload products or just its profile. Can approve/reject a product from a portal if the product doesn't follow guidelines.
  • Could add/remove festival offers/any other offers, categories, brands, coupons, deals, and many more.

Portal For Individual Shopkeepers/ Restaurants/ Service Owners

Once any business and its owner get registered from the super admin portal, they can control their information including photos, products, and any info related to the business, e.g. address, map, mobile number, email, etc.

City Portal For End Users

Users can search any shops, restaurants, products, services, or any other info related to the city. They can check the entity details on the map and their contact information.

Applied Technologies

  • HTML, CSS3, Jquery, Javascript
  • UI/UX design
  • Python/Django
  • SQL
  • Nginx

Project Highlights

  • Developed own search engine for the portal
  • Created highly customizable design

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